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3.x SIP Phone Does Not Hold or Accept or Apply Configuration - File Encoding should be UTF-8
Last Updated 2 years ago

The phone may have at one point a downloaded configuration and be operational. Some undetermined factor in the environment changes, and the phones configuration will be erased. Upon uploading a new config, phone reports successful download but will not update any settings. Using the Webui, the settings will not be held after phone confirms changes has been saved.

We have only seen this issue once, the solution was re-saving the .cfg files back to a text file, then saving back to a .cfg file, and then loading the config to the phone.

This may also have to do with the encoding of the text file being anything other than UTF-8. We have sometimes seen configuration files that are readable, but are not encoded correctly to UTF-8. For example, UTF-16 Little-Endian is perfectly readable in a text editor, but will not be accepted by the phone upon download.

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