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Phone Reboot caused by Display Name field error - 1GEN - 1.8.6-1249
Last Updated 2 years ago

In the 1st generation (1.x) firmware phones that start with 1.8.6-1249, we have found that sometimes people program the Display Name (top right of the SIP Configuration page) with a room number using a space, instead of the intended SIP Display Name. While this will allow the phone to register the first time, some PBXs will not allow re-registration, if the display name has a space in the syntax.

Example: (see attached screenshot for clarity)

The problem we found appears to be that in the SIP Configuration Page, in the Display Name field you have LETTERS NUMBERS (ROOM 8101)

Display Name should just be numbers, like 8101…for some reason this firmware does not allow a space. So when the phone upgraded, it populated that string of characters ROOM 8101, and it worked, but not completely, and maybe after a re-registration it had a worse failure.

The LCD Display of GUESTROOM 8101 is fine, and is NOT the same as the Display Name field in SIP.

To have a phone's LCD Display the room number, you would program that in the MMI Set for Greeting Message, NOT in the Display Name of the SIP Configuration

The problem for the “Unapplied” is the space between. Try using 8101 or ROOM8101 and see if the problem resolves

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