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1.x Firmware Vulnerability - VxWorks WDB Debug Service Detection
Last Updated 2 years ago

Firmware Affected: pre-GA 1.8.6-1249, GA 1.8.6-1249

Severity: Moderate

Description: Vulnerability scan shows a VwWorks vulnerability such as:

“Wind River Systems VxWorks WDB Target Agent Debug Service Vulnerability”

“VxWorks WDB Debug Service Detection”

Workarounds and Fixes:

1. Upgrade 10-15 phones to 1.8.7-2291

2. Monitor phones for normal function to test that configuration does not need to be changed and that phones work as expected.

3. Follow appropriate upgrade procedures for rest of phones.

Note: This firmware had not been released as GA but is believed to be stable. A minor display issue appears on 3300IPs. All new firmware should be tested before deployed in mass. 1.x phones are no longer produced and no new firmware patches will be made.

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