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Can I use .txt files on 3.x phones?
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There are 3 different version of firmware that you are likely to see in the field. Each type of firmware/hardware configuration file is not inter operable with the other:

1.x - The .txt file format was used with Cetis 1.x phones (sometimes called 1GEN or GEN1). These phones are the most widely sold Cetis VoIP phone and many installations have created configuration files for them.

2.x - This platform is at some installations but will be less common. It uses a .cfg file but is incompatible with the newest 3.x platform.

3.x - This platform uses a .cfg file and will be sold to distributors for future phone needs.

However, each firmware has configuration elements that might be named slightly differently but share a common purpose. If you are getting replacement 3.x phones but have 1.x files it might be handy to know how the fields map together for common settings between configuration file types. Below are some comparisons between 1.x and 3.x.

Registering Phone to SIP Server

Below you will see the basic registration section for 1.x and 3.x, respectively:





confusion that happens when replacing values is the SIP1 Register User

field on 1.x appears to be the same as RegisterUserName in 3.x. This is

not the case. The SIP1 Register User field is actually the AuthUserName

in 3.x. The SIP1 Phone Number is the RegisterUserName in 3.x

Memory Keys

Memory/Speed dials for both 1.x and 3.x are very similiar:


For instance, memory key 1 from the configuration above could be posted in Item1_Number in the 3.x configuration below:



that ItemX_Function should be left at 0. 3.x phone programmable keys

can be used for other functions other than speed dials, but generally

will not be. 0 indicates that speed dial is used.

Dialing Rules

Dialing rules are very similar and should be able to be copied directly from the .txt file to the .cfg file:




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