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3.x Global Configuration and Firmware Updating Methodologies
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The newest 3.x generation of Cetis SIP phones have several new configuration and updating methodologies.
For firmware upgrades:

firmware.cetis.txt is a file that can be placed on your provisioning server along with the correct firmware file or files (usually a tftp server is simplest).
The phone will automatically look for this file at bootup and download it's specified firmware file to the phone. (sample firmware.cetis.txt attached)
See -

Going forward with firmware 3.0.0-043 and higher, configuration file changes will have a global file method for configuration (as well as individual configId and macaddress methods)

For initial Deployment Configuration:

Global.cetis.cfg - see technotes attached

A Global File is an alternate configuration method from using individual files such
as mac files and configID files. Individual files allow a great deal of individual
variance that 80% of customers do not need. The Global file is used to configure
the base settings for ALL phones in an installation. The global file contains all data
except for DisplayName, RegisterUserName, AuthUserName, and optionally

Note: When entering the Extension Number always terminate with the # key

For Configuration Changes:Partial.cetis.cfg can be useful for making changes such as speed-dials to all phones.
See - attached TechNote - PartialFile

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